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Old School New Body User Exercises Reviews

old school new body

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Old School New Body is a workout program specifically created for more experienced adults, particularly for those who are aged 35 and above. The program was created to help the aging population get into shape without sacrificing time and safety. The product has been creating quite a buzz on the market scene since the first day of its release. Many middle aged people were eagerly looking forward for such a workout program to lose their excess weight and get back into shape once again. There are so many positive Old School New Body user reviews on numerous online forums and discussion boards. The majority of these Old School New Body reviews have rated the program quite highly. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the highly successful workout program for middle aged adults.

old school new body reviews

The Creators Of The Program

Steve and Becky Holman are the creators of this program. Steve Holman is the Editor-in-Chief of Iron Man, a magazine dedicated to weightlifters. He has held this position for more than 25-years now. In fact, Steve has been lifting weight for more than 35-years, which he started when he was only 15-years old. Steve is author for 20 different books written on the subjects of nutrition, fitness and weight training. This is in addition to his contribution to Iron Man and various other magazines, where he had written hundreds of high quality articles on these subjects. Steve is a person who walks the walk. As a person who teaches others weight loss secrets, he should be in tiptop shape in the first place. In fact, you can Google Steve Holman and see how fit he is. You may come across so many photos where Steve is in tiptop shape.

Becky Holman is the co-creator of this workout program. Becky has been involved in weight training and fitness for more than 20-years up to now. Becky got into weight training after seeing her obese figure since she had lived a sedentary lifestyle due to family duties of raising her kids. Becky was fed up of her figure that she took to weight training immediately. Becky was able to achieve a shapely body within the shortest period of time since she was dedicated to following the workouts and exercises laid out in the program. On the other hand, Becky is a regular contributor to Iron Man magazine right now. Seeing the credentials of the creators will definitely reveal that the program is no scam in anyway.

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Old School New Body Scam?

Even though you may find a few articles on the net where they speak of a Scam, this is not true in anyway. These articles try to grab your attention by speaking of a scam. But when you read these articles to the end, you may find that they too, promote the same product as one of the best workout programs for the aging population. So, you have nothing to worry about being scammed. In fact, you will not find a better program than this for effectively losing weight as you age.

old school new body reviews

Old School New Body F4X Review

The core fitness and workout component of the program is known as the F4X system (Focus 4 Exercise). It comes in three separate phases with a core set of workout that will take 90-minutes or less to complete. Each phase will focus on a particular fitness aspect. The general idea of the F4X system is that you start with one phase and progress to the others. Once you achieve your fitness goals, you can use a desired phase to maintain your results. The Lean Phase is the first in this system. It contains the best Old School New Body workout to help you lose fat and improve the fitness levels. This will get you back into shape. You should continue this phase until the desired results are achieved. The Shape Phase is the second phase in the F4X system. It will help you build lean muscle while reducing body fat. The Build Phase is the third in this system. This is not for everyone. It is only if you need to maximize your bulk muscles. Each phase comes with its own nutrition and meal plan as well as Old School New Body exercises to achieve the desired results.

Old School New Body PDF

Now you may be wanting to know about what is being offered with this effective program. The e-book is the main attraction of the product, which comes in PDF format. It is what explains the F4X system and layout all its core concepts. In the e-book, you will get an in-depth knowledge about the three important phases and their relevant meal plans and workout regimes. The e-book is what you are really paying for. It offers the meat of the program. You should definitely read this e-book if you plan to get the best out of the F4X system. Even there are 100+ pages in this guide, it is laid out in such a way that you can easily understand the steps you need to follow. The different phases are covered in very good detail, so that even a complete newbie can follow them. There are certain exercises that require precise instructions if you are a newbie to the system. Good news is that there are so many videos and articles showing you how to perform these workouts quite effectively.

old school new body pdf

The F4X Quick Start Workout Guide is for people who wish to dive into the workouts directly without having to read the whole guide. Sure, this guide will save a lot of time for people who have some experience in performing these workouts. The quick start guide offers the nuts and bolts of each workout for each phase. But the problem is that it doesn’t go deep into these workouts like in the main e-book. It is best if you go through the main e-book at least once before referring the quick start guide. This way, you can use the quick start guide as a “quick-reference” guide for the workouts.​

The Ultimate Series of Special Reports

This is another important document which you will get when you go for the Old School New Body download. You get an important collection of tips and tricks for various health related niches. The guides include The Ultimate Muscle-Building Secrets, The Ultimate Fat-Burning Secrets, The Ultimate Health and Happiness Secrets and The Ultimate Sex and Anti Aging Secrets. These guides come with a nice selection of tips in all these health niches. They will help improve your overall health and well-being in the long run.

Fitness Expert Audio Interviews

This audio series is another important component that comes with the F4X system. The package contains interviews from popular fitness experts in the industry such as Kristi Frank, Shawn Phillips, Jennifer Nicole Lee, Tom Venuto and Bill Phillips. All these are very well respected ladies and gentlemen in the weight loss/fitness industry. These interviews will offer so many important tips in improving your overall health and well-being. Jennifer Nicole Lee’s interview was quite interesting to listen to. Jennifer knows a great deal about fitness and nutrition, and her attitude was quite infectious. You will definitely walk away feeling good about yourself and your body after you have listened to this interview. The interview will greatly appeal to you if you are a woman. This is not to say that men cannot benefit from this interview. Both sexes can definitely learn a lot about fitness and nutrition by listening to Jennifer’s audio interview.

The program is quite short but very effective. Great for busy executives who cannot find much time to go to the gym or participate in a more detailed workout regime. The workout system is the main component of the whole program. The whole program takes less than 90-minutes to complete. If you follow the instructions and do the workouts, you are sure to see effective results within a short period of time. In fact, the workouts alone is worth the price you pay for the system.

The program is not too intense. This is because it targets middle aged individuals. Hence, you will have no fear of injuring yourself while performing the workouts. The workouts will not produce much strain on your back and knees, which are the worst affected areas when one is aging.

The audio interviews adds much more value to the whole package. You get very important tips and tricks in order to improve your overall health and well-being from these interviews.

The product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the improvements you see while performing the workouts, you can claim your money back within 60-days.

There are not much of cons reported by real users of the program. The program is available only as an e-book. Some of them would like to see the program as a hard-cover book. This is the notable con reported so far.

Conclusion: All in all, the fitness program is arguably the best workout program for the aging population to lose weight effectively.

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