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A Complete Bodyweight Burn Review

Bodyweight Burn is a program that has been crafted by one of the most competent fitness trainers. Bodyweight Burn program is a brain child of Adam Steer, the CEO and founder of Bodyweight Coaches. Steer has been at the helm of fitness program development in Bodyweight Coaches and has seen the release of various other fitness programs that have garnered great success. They include Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss, Shapeshifter Body Redesign, and Bodyweight Exercise Revolution. Building on the success of these fitness programs, Steer has gone one better and produced another top-notch, high-quality and relevant fitness program in the form of Bodyweight Burn.

What Is Bodyweight Burn System Reviews All About?

It is common to find ourselves wary of the amount of body fats that our bodies have accumulated over time. For health reasons that are well publicized, having our bodies lean is the ideal scenario. Accumulation of body fats has been scientifically proven to play a big part in causing cardiovascular conditions and diseases and other forms of diseases such as diabetes. These diseases are not only serious diseases but are also life-threatening and unforgiving ones. For us to lead fruitful and healthy lives, it is important to take prudence when handling matters of health.

Among the best ways in which we can take prudence and take control of our life and our overall health is by curbing the amount of fat in our bodies. Fortunately, many people the world over understand this and have taken or are taking concerted efforts every single day to maintain the amount body fat at acceptable levels. However, maintaining lean bodies and with it maintaining the right amount of body fat is easier said than done.

Many of us can attest to the fact that maintaining lean bodies is no easy feat. Even more difficult is reducing body fat that has already accumulated in your body. For people who endorse conventional thinking on matters of fitness, getting rid excess body fat involves being a regular gym user, making use of weights, jogging every-so-often and sometimes consuming some supplement or supplement regimen. However, this has proved to be highly ineffective for many people. For people with tight schedules, there is a very low possibility of being able to dedicate the considerable amount of time to be a regular gym user. Additionally, the supplements used more often than not fail to yield the desired results and expose the user to adverse health effects.

bodyweight burn review

This is where Bodyweight Burn comes. This is an alternative fitness program that has been developed solely for people with hectic schedules and as such have little spare time to dedicate to hitting the gym. The Bodyweight Burn workout routines only take a total of 21 minutes of time per day. Within this amount of time, the Bodyweight Burn workouts help you to improve your fat burning processes and metabolisms, ensuring that these fat burning benefits of exercising are sustained up to 24 hours after working out. Essentially, a single workout session will ensure that your body continues to burn fats effectively until the next Bodyweight Burn workout session.

Fundamental Principles Of Bodyweight Burn System Exercises

Bodyweight exercises burn fat by employing three main guiding and frankly fundamental principles of exercising. They are:

  • The fat burning process should take place for a period of twenty-four hours after exercising and not only during the exercising period. To achieve this, Steer incorporates a series of high-intensity exercises into the program.
  • Finding the right balance to ensure that you lose enough weight in good time but also ensure that you do not hurt your potential to lose weight. This principle ensures that you do not hit your body extremely hard during exercises and ensures you attain the right tempo to maximize continuously your potential to burn fats.
  • The third guiding principle is ensuring that you do not damage your metabolism as well as your lean muscles. Many exercises that are not well-thought out tend to hit the muscle mass instead of the fat mass resulting to dimples on the thighs and jiggly arms. On the other hand, some diets are known to stimulate rebound weight gains, thus causing the opposite effect.

Being guided by these three principles, Steer aimed to make sure that the program achieves it goal in a safe manner.

Bodyweight Burn Plan

The Bodyweight Burn fat loss process is done through exercising. As mentioned, each session lasts 21 minutes. There are three workout routines that are involved. This include:

Bodyweight Cardioflow Workout

This is a specially crafted cardio that is meant to put you in the fat burning bracket. The slow motions of these exercises routine set your body to use fat as the primary source of energy, thus help you burn fats. Additionally, this set of exercises is known to inhibit the release of the hormone cortisol, which is commonly released when conducting slow exercises such as jogging and biking.

With the body taken through its paces by the seamless motions of cardioflow, you encourage the body to burn fat with more ease. Additionally, the exercises engage partakers in a fun manner thus encouraging you to keep on doing the exercise.

bodyweight burn review

Afterburner Workouts

This is the secret weapon used to help you achieve efficient fat burning. In this part of the program, Bodyweight Burn fat by encouraging metabolism to burn fats long after you are through with your exercises. The premise behind this set of exercises is that when you put your body under a series of intensive exercises, it tends to have increased metabolic function through a process known as ‘Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption’- EPOC.

This is the process where the body works to restore the various system to normal conditions after intensive workouts. Through the various processes, it reduces the accumulated waste and replenishes used energy. All these process consume a great deal of energy, which is provided by fats that are converted to glucose. Over a period of 24 hours, the body continuously reduces chunks of fats as you move along with your daily routine.

This scientifically proven method of burning fats helps the followers of the program lose fat safely and more importantly easily.

bodyweight burn

Metabolic Muscle Workouts

When you go through Bodyweight Burn system reviews, you will realize that every bit of the program is designed to make your body a fat-burning machine. This set of exercises epitomizes this very well. The exercises are designed to work your muscles that, in turn help to burn fat. As your body develops more lean muscles, it is able to burn more fats thus accelerate the process of burning fats even more.

Additionally, the exercises aim to ensure that you develop lean muscles in the place of fat deposits. This is an additional benefit in itself because when you get to see the transformation taking place in your body, and thus you are encouraged to continue with the program.

Bodyweight Burners Section

The whole program is divided into two section, each taking a period of 6 weeks to complete for a total period of 12 weeks. Phase 1 is the Metabolic Base and takes the first six weeks. Phase 2 is the Metabolic Explosion and takes the next six weeks.

bodyweight burn

Metabolic Base

This section of the program entails two sessions of cardioflow workouts (2 days), two sessions of Afterburner workouts (2 days) and two sessions of metabolic muscle workout (2 days). The seventh day is a rest day, and it is provided to help the body to recover. Throughout the six-week period of the metabolic base, this exercise routine is maintained.

The main benefit of this phase is that you prepare your body for the second phase of the metabolic explosion. Additionally, this phase helps you build up muscles lean muscles that not only improve your physic but also enhance your body’s ability to burn muscles. Generally speaking, you also improve your athleticism and your fitness levels.

Metabolic Explosion

This phase entails three sessions of afterburner workout (3 days) and another three sessions of metabolic muscle workouts (3 days). The seventh day is left for recovery.

The main aim of this phase is to engage EPOC by taking your body through intensive exercises, continuously. During this phase, you take things a notch higher by ensuring that your body is challenged and ensuring that the process of burning fat continues.

The Bodyweight Burn System Review – Its Components

The components of Body weight Burn include;

  • The Bodyweight Burn workout system manual
  • Bodyweight Burn quick start guide
  • The video library
  • The integrated workout system guide

Among the several factors that should encourage you to make a purchase of this fitness program is the fact the set target of losing 21 pounds in 12 weeks is attainable.

bodyweight burn reviews

Overall this program was developed to be used by people with hectic schedules. As such, the exercises and diets that the program has, are very easy to follow. If you find yourself with little time to spare to hit the gym, this is the perfect alternative.

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